Our Story


What is BrighterDays? 

BrighterDays is a full-service caregiving retailer and personal delivery service. We offer full-service delivery in South Carolina and expedited shipping throughout rest of the United States. We have fulfilment locations throughout the continental US, which makes it easy for us to get your what you need in as little as 1-2 days.


Who we are

We were founded in 2022 by Lee Lancaster and Michael Emory and are growing rapidly. Our focus is on loving and serving families and their loved ones. Our focus is on the elderly and those who are experiencing incontinence issues. We aim to put a personal and encouraging touch to those we interact and serve.


How we started

Both of our founders experienced the joys and frustrations of caring for loved ones at different stages. Lee provided primary caregiving for his father as he had cancer. He would also provide caregiving to his grandfather both in their home and as his grandfather transitioned to assisted living. Lee was a single, working professional who lived in the same town as his father and grandfather. He found it to be a challenge to manage time, travel, running errands and can empathize readily with those who are juggling it all.

Michael Emory was a father of 3 small children, husband, son and nephew when his father and 3 aunts found themselves needing help. Michael and his family readily embraced the opportunity to help his father and two aunts who lived close by. Having experienced 3 loved ones going into skilled nursing, memory care and assisted living in 6 months back-to-back, he has great empathy to others facing life situations.

We recognize that children or caregivers are often already swamped, live in a different town, and want to make sure their loved one is receiving the best care and attention. 


What we do

We have 3 values we try and filter all decisions and processes. 

Love others – Show great respect for each person and their families. Although we are a business, we have great mission, and story and we want it to be remembered well.

Serve others – We want to be the very best we can to serve others well. Ideas such as Chick-Fil-A and Ritz Carlton come to mind. We are in the business of serving others and their families. We happen to also sell products.

Continue to make it better – Our goal is to make everyone’s day better. We will embrace what is next. We will embrace new proceses and challenges to enable us to get better.