Swim Pull Up Diapers

Stay in charge of your own body and enjoy discretion and dryness with our adult pull ups, also called protective underwear. With the same look and feel as regular underwear, adult pull-up diapers provide active adults with the protection and support they need. Experiencing incontinence but hate diapers with tabs? Pull-ups provide the absorbency and protection you need while easily sliding on and off. Enjoy gender-specific pull-ups of all kinds of absorbencies, so that whatever your unique needs might be, we have the right product for you.

Are adult pull-ups right for me?
If you’re experiencing incontinence, our pull-ups might be just the solution you need. Pull-ups work best for those caring for themselves. If you’re looking for a product for your own incontinence, or you're buying products for a loved one that’s relatively active, a pull-up is the perfect place to start.

If you’re caring for someone who is less active, or you will be putting the incontinence product on them, it would be best to start with a diaper with tabs instead. Tab-style diapers are designed to simply put on others, with stretchy tabs on either side so you can make sure your loved ones have a snug, comfortable fit.

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Which adult pull up should I choose?
Just as there are many types of incontinence products generally, there are many types of pull-ups. That way, you’ll always have exactly what you need to keep yourself or your loved ones happy, healthy, and dry. Here are some tips for choosing the right pull-up underwear:

Overnight pull-ups are ideal for ultra-absorbent, overnight protection, so you can sleep through the night

Gender-specific pull-ups like men’s pull-ups and women’s pull-ups are specially designed to fit snugly around men and women’s bodies

Plus size pull-ups provide stretchy, comfortable fits to users with larger bodies

Youth pull-ups provide extra support for young ones that are potty training, have nightly accidents, or just some daily protection

Swim pull-ups allow you to enjoy beach and pool days without worrying about urinary incontinence!

What size pull-up diapers should I choose?
The key to choosing a pull-up size is to measure both waist and hip size in inches, then choose the larger of the two when referencing the sizing guides we provide with each product. Have a waist size that’s larger than the plus-sized pull-ups we offer? Our diapers with tabs reach waist sizes of up to 106 inches, so check out our bariatric diapers with tabs!

Still have questions? Our friendly Care Team is always here to provide the guidance and support you need!

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